The “thirty sixty ninety” is our way of getting a new hire up to speed within the first three months of starting at Poll Everywhere. We provide check-ins for feedback every 30 days for those first three months. The purpose is to provide a very clear and realistic path to being successful and meaningful contributor to the company’s products. Here’s an example 30/60/90:

30 days

  • Demo work you’ve done to the team
  • Speak up during a retro! Provide the dev team feedback on their current processes (or what your previous company was doing) - a bulletpoint.
  • Write a page in chopper about the new and improved debugging process! Present after stand-up as a PEU. (Longer lesson if you pitch it as “how to debug a rails app”)

60 days

  • Implement, test, and ship 1-2 point rails stories on your own
  • Understand how the Poll Everywhere frontend and backend stack work together (e.g. how do assets fit into rails_app)
  • Investigate and fix an airbrake error
  • Roast the dev team on convoluted code or processes. Recommend how we can fix these problems!

90 days

  • Be widely recognized by the team as a full stack web developer (on the PE stack)
  • Ability to point a Rails pivotal story
  • Be the lead developer on an epic
  • Find yourself (be famous for something!)

Defining good goals

The key to a successful 30/60/90 is clear and actionable goals. Here are a few examples:

  • Contribute to a project (bad)
  • Fix 5 bugs in rails app (good)
  • Implement 1 feature in rails app (good)

The first goal is not clear or quantifiable.

  • Understand how the rails app works (bad)
  • Give a presentation on how rails poll models fit together (good)

Goals should be demonstrable. We’re a presentation company and have a strong demo culture. We encourage engineers to show off what they’ve worked on weekly during our Town Hall meeting.