Repo admins

We version all of our code in git repositories. Each repository generally represents a distinct service or application that we deploy to our production environment.

  • Responsible for making sure bugs get fixed when BARE thresholds are hit. This does NOT necessarily mean they have to individually fix bugs; it means during standup they need to raise this as an issue and find devs to help fix the problems until it’s fixed.
  • PR reviewers. When a repo newb wants to get their code reviewed, a Repo Admin should give feedback, run code reviews, etc. Repo Admins are NOT kings of fiefdoms; they’re teachers.
  • Be the “go to” person for general questions about test coverage, CI, code style, architecture, etc. if anybody has questions. Again, this helps newbs figure out who they should talk to to learn more about a repo.
  • Reduce bus factor. We should have multiple Admins on a repo making sure we’re spreading the knowledge of a repo around the team enough through teaching, documentation, pairing, etc.