The PollEv Pint™

Inspired by the pint glasses Caffe Strada in Berkeley serves all of their beverages in, Brad insisted that all beverages at Poll Everywhere be served in a pint glass. The PollEv Pint™ was born, an amazingly versatile beverage containment vessel.


We’re really into coffee, specifically drip coffee. It might seem there’s a lot of steps involved to getting the drip coffee setup, but its not that bad once you get the hang of it.

  1. Grab a pint glass, ceramic cone, paper filter, scale, and kettle.

  2. Set the ceramic cone on top of the pint glass and insert the paper filter.

  3. Fill the kettle ⅓ with 96°C water from the hot water dispenser. Moving the spout in a clockwise direction, poor the hot water over the filter wetting the paper. This both rinses the filter and heats up the ceramic and glass (so your coffee stays hot longer!)

  4. Empty the water from the pint glass, then set the cone and filter back on top of the glass.

  5. Now measure out 31g of coffee grounds from one of the grinders. Does it not say 31? Push one of the buttons between 1 and 3 until it does. Finally push the “Start” button and the grinder will stop when it hits 31g.

  6. Set your pint glass on one of the scales. Pour the grinds into the cone filter. Verify it reads 31g (don’t worry if it’s a bit over or under). Good? Now zero out the scale.

  7. Fill the kettle up all the way with 96°C water. Moving the spout in a clockwise direction, pour 30g-40g of water covering all the grounds until it starts dripping out of the bottom. Stop. Wait a few seconds. If your coffee is fresh (it should be!) the grounds will bubble up. This is called the bloom. Once that settles down after 15-30 seconds, pour the rest of the water over the grounds in a clockwise direction. When the scale hits 420g you’re done!

You’ll get the hang of this after the fifth time.


You’re not done yet! Make sure you clean up after yourself:

  1. Pour the remaining water out of the kettle into the sink and put the kettle back on the shelf.

  2. Empty the contents of the ceramic cone into the compost bin and hang the ceramic back on the shelf.

  3. If you spilled any water or grinds, clean it up!

It’s pretty easy, just put everything back and don’t leave a mess.

Grinder settings

Normally you shouldn’t have to mess around with any of these settings, but sometimes they get changed for mysterious reasons. Here are the defaults:

Preset weights

The buttons should on the grinder should be preset at the corresponding weights:

Button Grams Water Notes
1 20g 330g Short pint (or ceramic mug)
2 31g 420g Full pint
3 35g 420g High-octane pint

For different weights, you can push the up or down arrow, but be sure to set it back to the preset above. You may also weigh beans using the electronic scales and use a manual grinder.


The fineness of the grinder should be set Finer - Q and Fine - 8. This setting is optimized for a faster extraction with a Hario V60 ceramic dripper. Here are recommended settings for other brewing methods:

Type Setting
Aeropress 6M
Hario 6M
Chemex 9L
Swill 6M


We have a kegerator full of Kombucha, a fermented Tea drink. Not much to making a glass of ‘buch if you know how to use a tap. Make sure you close the tap; we once had a Kambucha flood in the office.


In case you’ve never made a glass of tea:

  1. Draw 96°C water from the hot water dispenser into a pint glass.

  2. Insert tea bag.

That’s it! There is no step 3. There’s no step 3!


Of course you can always pour a beer into a PollEv Pint™ for any occasion.


Are you nuts? You should never drink whisky out of a pint glass.