Tools of the trade

As you’d imagine, we use several tools to get our work done at Poll Everywhere. Here’s a list of tools the team uses regularly. You can also check out our StackShare profile.

Gmail - Email service used for addresses.

Slack - Company chatroom and watercooler. Make sure you install this on your phone and setup the alert levels to the appropriate levels.

Google Drive - Most spreadsheets, word docs, and presentations are created using Google Docs because its very easy to share and collaborate with others on the team.

PivotalTracker - Project management tool the development team uses to fix bugs, build features, and work on other chores.

GitHub - Code versioning and collaboration tool the dev team uses to work on our web apps, mobile apps, desktop apps, and content.

Dropbox - File sharing service that works over the LAN and the web.

RingCentral - Cloud-based phone system that we use for our customer support phone numbers.

Zendesk - Ticketing system used by our customer support team to respond to customer emails.

Salesforce - Customer relationship management tool used by our Sales team.

Pingdom - Monitoring service that notifies our development team when the website goes down.

RPM New Relic - Performance monitoring tool the development team uses to monitor the health of the rails web application.