Back end

The back end team deals mostly with code that runs on a server. Our biggest project is our Rails application, but we do run several microservices that various applications consume via APIs. We’re gradually breaking out functionality from our Rails application server into smaller services as we scale Poll Everywhere.


  • APIs that support front end and app teams (Rails API App, LiveSlides)
  • Authentication & authorization services (Rails API App)
  • SSO integrations (SAML, etc)
  • LMS integrations (Blackboard, Canvas, etc.)
  • Customer integrations (our own 3rd party API)
  • API versioning, standards, formats, and other guidelines
  • Firehose realtime streaming services
  • Persistance (MySQL)
  • Security and privacy


Metric Requirement
Device-to-screen latency < 500ms
Critical bug response time < 1 hour
RPM server web transactions < 250ms
Async job processing times < 1s