Designers embolden intentional experiences in every aspect of the business.

In our modern age, progress is often initiated by institutions, businesses and organizations. Professors, leaders, and C-levels use our software to engage with their peers in real-time, at scale. Poll Everywhere plays a critical role in how new ideas and feedback shape the future, including most of the Fortune 1,000.


We serve the people who use our software. Through archetypes, we explore the best way to solve their problems.

  • Presenter – Communicates in a vulnerable state in front of their peers, shares new ideas, and requests feedback.
  • Creator – Crafts content and selects the optimal activity-type.
  • Participant – Chooses to engage by responding to polls and activities.
  • Event producer – Works with a team of people, backstage, supporting the presenter.
  • Account admin – Supports Creators and Presenters by managing billing, users and privileges.


Design facilitates the tactile and memorable connection between the people who use our product and stakeholders

Process selection

Designers operate within a structured processes, optimized for inclusion and optics, ensuring stakeholders have the appropriate involvement and visibility to inform product. Designers select an appropriate design process module based on the size and type of the problem they need to solve.



Design standup - Designers talk through what they accomplished yesterday, plan to complete, and expose any blockers


  • Talking to users - Designers work with product, marketing and sales to identify users who can give us feedback. Typically, we facilitate four research sessions with real customers, every week.
  • User testing & Chill - Every Monday morning, designers share testing artifacts and results with stakeholders and peers
  • Prioritization - On Monday afternoons, designers, product managers and stakeholders sit down for 30 minutes and ensure we’re executing on the most important problems
  • Design critique - On Thursday afternoons, designers bring one or two items for feedback from the team
  • Customer Support hours - Everyone at Poll Everywhere spends one hour answering calls or responding to tickets


  • Inclusive design activities - These help us unbox new problems with diverse teams
  • Design outing - Design-related cross-functional field-trip


  • Design review - Stakeholders, designers and engineers review what’s going out into production
  • User testing and validation - Designers, developers and stakeholders execute tests based on a template, then document and socialize the results. We call these templates Recipes, which are collected in our user testing Cookbook
  • Design checklist for QA and accessibility - Core team and stakeholders score a list of usability and brand heuristics
  • Messaging for 1/9/90% releases - Designers and copywriters craft re-assuring copy when new features are released
  • Experiments - Designers work closely with Growth to launch validate hypotheses in production


While design’s output is multi-faceted, we generally deliver in two ways

  1. For product and epic-related work, provide a clickable prototype in InVision including all states. Include an InVision-Inspect link with all new and existing components clearly labelled. Use InVision’s built-in Workflow feature to indicate the state and fidelity of each screen.

  2. When providing new elements and components for our design system, include the new symbols in our Sketch boilerplate Griddle and create a pull request. Add a front-end developer as the Reviewer, and another designer as the Assignee.


Internal links

Most processes, templates and docs are found at

Design tools


Things we enjoy

Not all designers choose to consume alcohol, sugar or caffeine; some do, both are ok

  • Lapsang souchong tea
  • Balvenie 17 double-cask Scotch
  • Yam-Yam’s
  • La Criox (coconut, passionfruit)
  • FUJI/Cameo apple with peanut butter
  • Boba tea
  • Early Grey double-bergamot tea

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