Front end

The front end team is responsible for everything that runs in a browser, including the Chromium/WebKit containers that run in our Windows and Mac presenter apps. We work closely with design to realize their vision and implement it in a way where it can be propagated to all our applications with ease.

Inspired by modular construction, by building features of our applications in a modular way, we can compose them to form the ideal user interface for a specific application. This increases quality while at the same time reduces the time from when a bug is reported to when it is fixed in all of our applications. We call this Scalable Feature Development™.

When we’re not developing new features, we are collaborating with other teams to address their JavaScript and CSS needs, such as making instrumentation more precise for Marketing, improving the user experience and browser integration points with the Apps team, and upgrading APIs with the Backend team.


  • Develop responsive, snappy, and accessible features with ES6 and Sass
  • Constantly improve and maintain code documentation
  • Work closely with Design to help lock down scope
  • Maintain ES6 unit tests and linting specs
  • Maintain Sass linting specs
  • Monitor bug tracker and fix issues as they arise
  • Maintaining legacy systems and upgrading when appropriate



Metric Requirement
Page load speed < 2s
Unit test coverage 80%+ on new modules / components