We believe that reusing our web expertise as much as possible is an extremely effective and smart move. We created the app team to help realise this goal. This team builds and maintains our cross-platform hybrid application framework using the latest HTML, CSS, and JS application models supporting a wide variety of platforms like Windows, OS X, Linux, Android and iOS.

The app team exposes operating system and custom application functionality through JS API’s, similar to the Node.js API, through this application model. This allows our front end developers to integrate web UI seamlessly into many platforms at once. Using this framework and these APIs, the team is able to rapidly develop a consistent experience for our iOS, Android, Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote and Google Slides integrations and apps.


  • Regular development in C#, Objective C, Javascript/Coffeescript, C/C++
  • Define and implement Javascript API’s
  • Work with OS X Cocoa, Windows .NET PowerPoint add-ins, Cordova, and Google Chrome extension frameworks
  • Involvement in the open source Chromium ecosystem
  • Release software updates
  • Maintain app store listings and marketplace channels


Metric Requirement
Release cadence once per month
Performance < 2s render speed